AGOG is a unit with a vision for Quality and innovations to Spread Happiness with health.

Company Information

          Agog Pharma is a WHO,GMP,ISO 9001:2000 certified pharmaceutical unit with an EAGERNESS

           to       'A'-   Achieve 
                    'G’-   Goals
           and      'O’-   Objectives
           through  ‘G’-   Good performance.

           Agog consists of a team of individuals with an  ' EAGERNESS '  to produce superior quality medicines through setting of goals and objectives, along with prompt delivery schedules. We seek continuous upgrading of quality, focusing on customer satisfaction and Health care requirements of society.

         We at Agog realize the need to assist and co-operate with the rest of the pharma industry In providing our nation with a tomorrow which is healthier and stronger.

        Agog pharma Ltd is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company manufacturing Tablets,Liquid Orals,Capsules and Dry Syrup formulations, at Vasai,Dist.Thane,Mumbai,India. Since 1995, Agog pharma has recorded an excellent growth to reach its present status of a Quality company in the areas of Health care.

        Goal : To produce best quality Pharmaceutical formulations. Consistently adopt new technologies, system and procedures, which will enhance quality and the way out customers perceive us. To form a highly motivated team of professionals who are committed to total quality ethos.